Impatience Growing


A bit of advice came from someone I just met this morning at the airport.

While you still can, do what you really want to do. Don’t get stuck in a job just because it pays the bills and yet in the long run leaves you empty within.

The advice was given by someone who cares about people and of the contribution that each one could give in making this world a bit of a better place to celebrate life. He is a university professor teaching in Virginia. His being in the country is because of a subject he handles at his university, where he and his students study the impact of the insanity of my country’s un/employment condition on the geography of the archipelago.


I want to take the advice.

I would now if I could now.


[thanks to for the photo]


  1. Well said.

    If we put ourself to dictate by others, we might be a miserable victim of fate. Rely on ourself is the mean of making our life better.

    I agree with the way that the professor looks at life. Well done is better than well said.

    Best smile,

  2. *earnest hope: the prof is in Apo Island with eleven of his students from his university. They’ll be there till the last day of may. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to get full contact details.

    *master joh: thank you for the wonderful portal with which I can access your blog anywhere in the shoe factory.

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