Slow Blogging Turnout

Notice to the Public

There is a bit of a backlog in the post turnout these past few days. Deliverables that come from Sector C.Ed001 of the Concentration Camp that, from here on in will be dubbed the Shoe Factory, have not reached the target quota for blog posts. This is due to the fact that another blog hosting platform had been disabled, broken down, and restricted user access by The Search-and-Destroy Division of the Highly Exalted Administration of the Shoe Factory. It should be known that Search-and-Destroy missions have been ordered by the upper echelons so as to force the elves in the Shoe Factory to focus exclusively, and in non-stop fashion (except for the regular bathroom breaks), on their work creating sneakers and steel-toe boots, never mind that, as studies* show, the (normal) brain can take only, at most, fifteen minutes of pure mind-numbing and totally concentration-intensive activity before shutting down to preserve the sanity of said brain’s owner.

But who am I to complain? I still work, after all, in a Shoe Factory run by ex-Gestapos.


*Studies also show that engaging the brain in highly analytical stuff for extended periods of time is the leading cause of nervous breakdowns and increases risks for burnout. Studies also show that all work and no play make Jack and Jane dull, angst-ridden, depressed, and downright mutinous.


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