Moodswing: Cheery

i recently inherited a typewriter.

yep, it’s non-electronic, clunky, chunky, noisy, and sooty. and i feel so blessed to be given such a boon.

it was from a writer friend of my family who, sadly, passed away three years ago. since then, the typewriter sat in a dark corner in our friend’s house until her written bequest was known, where the typewriter was one of the things that  we’ve inherited from her.

it’s a green-colored ca. 1940s well-worn Royal Arrow, whose likeness is shown below, in black.


it’s not in mint condition but it has the warm feeling of a machine that has been lovingly used for the purpose it was created: to pour forth words, word, words.

each morning since Saturday, which was when I received the typewriter, i’ve spent more than an hour hammering out anything that came to mind. i know that one of these days, i have to write a decent story or poem or something that is coherent and worth reading… a piece of literature.

when my shift changes to daytime, i plan to flesh out, in the evenings, a story that’s been haunting me for months now, and i’d be doing my typing by lamp light… a bit of romanticism for my stressed-out brain.



a bit of trivia. there are still publishing houses that refuse submission of manuscripts if these have been computer encoded. these publishing houses still prefer typewritten material.

just thought you’d know.


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