Day-dreaming Wednesday

I feel anesthetized.

 Slept soundly enough last night just before the clock struck nine and yet i woke up with heavy eyelids and with tendrils of laziness hovering all over me. For sure, I would be late for work again. However, I didn’t rush. I padded downstairs, fed an Alicia’s Attic CD in the player, and stretched a bit before going to the bathroom. Took my time while taking a bath then after, wished for coffee. Nobody else was up and about to light the woodfire so I had to do without. (note to self: buy a big thermos flask for hot water on cold mornings) Came down from the mountainous location of my tropical jungle home feeling the warmth of the emerging Sun.

Stopped for gas before the Sun got so high in the heavens. With the time-space-warping prices, I had begun following some tips on economizing. One of these is getting fuel for my motorcycle at times of the day when it is not so hot yet, such as in early mornings and at night. That source says that the temperature at these times helps in maintaining the density of gasoline, hence giving me a bit more value for my money (a few centavos saved is a few centavos earned… or something to that effect). Still, I can’t shake the uncomfortable feeling that if this economic crisis doesn’t let up, I would seriously consider looking for a job overseas. It will be another loss for my country. They’ll be minus one jinius genius without me around.

Plus, I feel sleepy at work. Unmotivated, even.

As to why, I want you to listen to this:

If sigma-sub-en is a variant of Pie-sub-en-minus-eight to the seventeenth power, then the vector aich is a trilobite-eating sauropod in the Paleozoic-Mesozoic continuum of the ex to the wai fourth redundant matrix of the equation.

A truly romantic piece of reading — not!

All the information that I ingest six days of the week at the Shoe Factory never ceases to amaze me. I sometimes wish that I am happily chatting with ducks in a hideaway pond rather than frying my brain with all this.

But that’s the sleepy part of me talking.

The wide-awake part feverishly pounds on the computer keys, chanting the mantra: “A job a day keeps poverty at bay” fourteen times every five minutes.


All this paradox.

I wonder how much Sherpas earn in the Himalayas.


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