Broken Coffee Cafe: Best Propaganda Writing

Thank you, Master Joh, for the recognition you have afforded the Broken Coffee Cafe. I am humbled by everything you wrote. I guess it pays to be pissed off with the Unimaginative Shoemakers.

I have taken liberties in grabbing a picture from for the nice trophy to go along with this acceptance speech/post. And I am holding back tears of happiness (and, ok, humility as well) as I write this.


I wrote as I saw and as I felt, with a bit of embellishment from the devious imaginative muse every now and then, and never thought that there was something to it.

Dear Reader, the cafe is the recipient of a (soon-to-be) prestigious award for literature in cyberspace:

The gold medal of The Doodle’s Best in Propaganda Writing.

The Broken Coffee Cafe shares the honor of this recognition with Tamark’s More Than a Mouthful and Lurchie’s Anthology of Snippets.

I want to thank everyone who continue to order Broken Coffee, with the dregs and all.

Thank you for the comments, reactions, encouragements, and rants, that make me realize that even my nonsense makes some sense.

Here’s to all the propagandist bloggers (and all other sorts) in the www.



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