Meme Brigade: What is Love?

I could start by saying that it hits you when you are doing an entirely different thing. That it catches you unawares in the most mundane moment in a workaday grind or in the most purposeless walk you take down the lane of unguarded contemplation. But it could be that you are busy chasing rainbows or trying to reach that proverbial unreachable star. All the same, whether you are doing the former or the latter, you are unaware of Cupid’s arrow hurtling down at 350 mph from his cloud-covered boarding house in Olympus. And this shot is aimed at your thumping bumping ice-cold lonely heart.
And then it hits! The impact may be felt or unfelt, depending on your emotional state; it may be as a deluge of emotions straining to be unleashed from the dam of your self control, blowing your mind completely into the galaxy of irrationality, or it could be like a tiny hopeful seed — slowly growing, taking roots, coming up to the surface, spreading its branches to the heavens, reaching upwards until love itself blossoms and bears fruit.
It is a force that makes mere fragile mortals, cowards in other circumstances, become courageous — they learn to speak out and defend their cause. It can fuel the fires of creativity and imagination. It makes men and women alike try to achieve the best that they can be as individuals that have the divine spark within. It graces life with light, mirth, and laughter.
On the other hand, this force also ignites wars between kingdoms. It causes hearts to break from being unrequited. It causes men and women alike to drink poison and hope for better environs of their union in the afterlife. It causes a man to forget his aging parents. It drives a woman to betray her sister. It is the bringer of tears, bloodshed, and strife.
But still, as all the greatest stories told by humans since they began to speak have love as their core message, Lurchie (who tagged me for this meme) has maybe felt the truth that stood the test of time:
Love, in all its forms, does make the world go round.
And so, I hereby tag Master Joh (just this once because I am interested in what you have to say from a rooster’s perspective, hehehe) and Gracey of jeffreyandgracey.
The instructions are as follows:

1. Make a post with your answer to the question “What is Love?”
2. After the post, copy the complete instruction from *START COPY HERE* to *END COPY HERE* together with the pexlinks banner and place it under your post.
3. Please make sure you copy all the links and all must be originally intact.
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5. Please visit HERE every now and then to update your post with all the links of the participants.
6. Tag as many friends as you want. Share the love and receive love. We are hoping that spreading this will help us in our Technorati authority and maybe PR.

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