That Doodle…

Just came back from jogging all over my blog neigborhood, and I can’t help but notice one thing: Where is everybody?

Could be that

  • the blog infection is wearing off;
  • there is a major power outtage in the area where those bloggers live, preventing them from posting; or
  • they are busy with opps for their bread and butter.

Still, the Doodle managed, again, to rattle the chains of my shackles with his take on waiting. Yes, Master Joh, I pity myself too, for waiting for goodness knows what.

Shall life happen still?


To all happy campers, pardon the gloom and doom of this and past posts. As soon as I up the dosage of my Vitamin B complex, I’d be happy as a lark again. But that’s NOT saying that I am a junkie.


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