Armageddon Come

Extra! Extra! Read all about it!

Major crackdown on renegades in The Shoe Factory yields devastating results!

This is it… The end of The Shoe Factory’s single source of happiness. As I write this, the Search and Destroy Elite Corps (SADEC) unleashed by the Unimaginative Shoemakers have closed in on the the clandestine operations of renegade elves who were attempting to discover the true answer to the meaning of life.

Minutes away from the online discovery of the purest answer to the age-old question as to what it means to exist as one does in this world at this day and age, the SADEC swooped down the production line where some elves have sandwiched a few minutes of their work hours each day to dip into the portals of the WWW to work out the answer to the question mentioned above and to use it as a means of short reprieve from the toil of assembling purple sequined shoes embellished with bright orange tassels (the bestseller, the Unimaginative Shoemakers have proclaimed).

In the SADEC’s latest raid, headed by a newly sworn in commander and armed with the deadliest spyware that The Shoe Factory could afford, the carefully hoarded caches and favorite sites were filtered, saved as evidence, and classified RESTRICTED. Any more attempts to access these blocked sites would now earn an elf the luxury of spending a forthnight alone in a cold sunless cell where s/he will be forced to subsist on stale bread and tepid water; every other day the offender will be paraded around the Enchanted Bamboo Forest bearing the sign “Inciting Sedition: Don’t Do This At Home“; and every afternoon for the term of incarceration, said offender will be given fourteen lashes to serve as an example to others of what happens to anybody meddling with nonshoe-related activities. On top of this, the offender is still expected to produce his/her daily quota of purple sequined shoes embellished with bright orange tassels, which is fourteen pairs per day, minimum.

Tough times. Would this prevent other elves from circumventing the barriers in this sad factory?

A quote comes to mind from the Hacker Manifesto:

You may stop this individual, but you can’t stop us all.



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