I Have Dis.ease

This post may sound as if I am proselytizing.

Dis-ease is the soul’s way of telling us that up ahead, the road forks and it is again time to choose which path to take.

At crucial times in our lives, be it in relationships that we have forged, current jobs, economic and social standing,  we are stricken with dis-ease. It is our internal altimeter that tells us that it is time to mature, to grow up to another level, or to reach out to the blessings that would be had if we tread the path closest to our hearts.

Symptoms that occur when an individual is stricken with dis-ease are as follows:

  • General feeling of dissatisfaction
  • An “If I were in charge/If it were up to me I could…” mentality
  • Depression
  • Feeling of frustration over a situation
  • Disdain for the people/situation in your surroundings
  • Daydreams of living a “different” life from the one you are living now
  • Gravitating toward a certain lifestyle/outlook/principle.

These symptoms provide the key to the path we must take at this junction.

The symptoms of dis-ease disappear when the individual makes a decision — overcoming fears and a false sense of comfort that everything will be permanent — and actually acting on that decision. It usually means that the individual has acted on the decision by departing from what has been familiar, what was comforting.

Still, with the Creator’s greatest gift of free will, an individual could decide to wallow in the dis-ease. We could actually choose to walk back from where we came from — the other way — and continue being who we are and what we are, surrounded by what is comforting, familiar, and limiting. Thunder bolts would not fall down from the sky anyway.

In time, the dis-ease symptoms will fade and the dreams that call from our hearts will be hazy. In time, we forget, and we look with annoyance at those who seem impulsive and assertive because they are fools who follow the messages given to them in their sleep. Life is duty, after all, where the goal is to find stability and social recognition.  And why should others waste it by going after dreams?

However, as early as now, this should be taken to heart: in order for one to mature, s/he must be stripped raw and be exposed to the ravaging elements of life. Then, weatherbeaten, her/his hide would be stronger, a shield against the lances of the impending war s/he has to face up ahead.

I write this down because a year ago, I had chosen to wallow in dis-ease. Is it already too late to choose another path?



[image courtesy of http://rottenfruit.madisondevelopment.nl]


One comment

  1. no no.. it’s never too late to choose another path. don’t be afraid to take the plunge.. who knows maybe you’ll find yourself living a much better life… 🙂

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