Donning the Black Shroud (or an OA Post)

October is a time for mourning an old friend who passed away with his nose dislocated and his eye open; paramedics had been unable to close it for the traditional sleep-in-peace pose of those who have died.


The last of his dying breed. Geroe-ni-moe, dear friend, rest in peace. I mourn the loss of a constant companion, able to capture the scenery, freeze a moment for eternity, to discern what lies behind the smiles. Constant sidekick in get-togethers and in moments of sanity-damaging boredom… you were always there to lend your time, to extend your service. You never failed. But good things do end. And now, it really did.


I will cherish your memory forever. I hold on to the tokens of our companionship. But for now, goodbye. I close the lid of your wooden box, burying you in darkness for eternity. Your memory, I will keep alive in my heart, never fear.


Goodbye, then, dear Geroe-ni-moe. Goodbye. I misplaced the warranty card. Forgive me.


(my Nikon Coolpix L3 died on me a week ago. Big, big sad)



  1. yep… i bought fresh batteries coz you said you wanna borrow the cam. it was so sad because the lens won’t retract anymore. is there any camera repair shop in dumaguete that you know of?
    … hehe. i still log in via a cafe’s pc. haven’t got time to go downtown to try the lappy.

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