For Julio Manuel Alibaba of Paraguay

… you used to know me better that I did of myself

front back side and center you used to know the terrain of my being

entirely familiar with undulations of me

entirely the sole explorer

of the whorls the swirls the whirls

from my fingertips to my littlest toe

… you used to know how I snore

and scream, perhaps, in my sleep

you used to lie there beside me

and watch me dream of you

… I used to know you better than you could of yourself

front back side and center I used to know where it would tickle

and when to grab and when to take

entirely familiar your skin

was like my own skin

I was the explorer

of tumultuous seas and angry volcanoes

I heard your dreams in your sighs

and the dishonesty and fear in your alibis

… I used to know your worries

of how you looked because your head is too big for your body

because your nose is long, measured horizontally

I wished them fears away as you slept

so sound and unaware

… but ships arrive at their ports of call

regurgitating cargo and passengers alike

to once again pass each other

in dark deep waters of forgetfulness and unknowing.



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