Dear Friends,

I have grave news…

Excuse the days when I served silence. All has turned out well, if not for some.

I have become a pseudoscholar, and today, I mourn the loss of some of my colleagues, research assistants who were bubbly freshmen eager to go data gathering in order for civilization to know the results of a study made with the aim of alleviating poverty, of increasing the collective awareness of the world about life, and of dispensing nonsensical data so as to allow you, dear patron of the sciences, to spend idle time in front of your computer when you could have done something better, i.e., get a pedicure or a massage.

My colleagues are lost, forever mourned, in the uncharted swamps of Donegal. And search parties have quit their designated responsibilities, have given up my research assistants as gone, gone, gone…

Such sacrifice for science.


This study is a breakthrough in everything staid and normal. It is a portent of things to come that will shake the foundations of what we have always known in economics, culture, of faith, of men, of… everything!

If you are ready, then step into my dusty termite-infested library (click here) to read a treatise on things unimagined…

Just don’t fall asleep.


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