Month: December 2008

Eggnog in the Noggin

Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays!

Toasty warm toes

Minus the grog and the snow

Holiday cheers hear

All now gather ’round

Stoke the fire

Spread the warmth

Let in the spirits of this night

Mirth, love neverending

Hope, joy, brightest blessings!


Happy Holidays from the Broken Coffee Cafe

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Feyoh’s Dreamscape

I had a weird dream again last night. Come on in and let’s journey together to see what my subconscious has been up to.

Okay, here goes.

In my dream, I was eighteen again. (Hmm.) And I was sent to a boarding school by my family.

This boarding school looked very much like a castle. I didn’t see a lot of the exterior, though. The interior had tapestries, crystal chandeliers, statuaries, grand sweeping staircases — the works! And up one of those grand staircases was my living quarters. I got a room with a view of a wide green meadow and the bluest strip of sky.

There were students gathered around the large receiving area, under one of the largest chandeliers. One of those students was a prince of some country or something. And in my dream, we seem to know each other very well, as if he was a good friend. But we didn’t speak to each other. Others were busy vying for his attention. I just stood outside the crowd and thought how strange that the prince was sent to the same boarding Continue reading

If Only I Could Catch a Reindeer

Slept late last night.

For one, I was in a happy place because of a healthy dose of holiday spirits channeled by a video CD of The Nightmare Before Christmas given to me by Kim as a kris-kringle present in the Shoe Factory.

I had almost given up hope of being infected by the holiday cheer, but something kept me optimistic. Sirius, a reader, had remarked that it helps if there are kiddies helping around when putting up decor for the holidays.

Why didn’t I realize that sooner?

So, over the course of the past few days, Faith — that self-sufficient four-year old who calls me Mama but is Ta’s sister’s daughter — was my little sprite, the cheerleader of our one-woman-and-a-girl team who battled against the cobwebs, the recalcitrant tinsel garlands, and dusty wreaths to cook Continue reading

Tuesday After Bedtime

Little one,

It’s during nights like this, when you are snuggled up and warm, when your dreams float up to the darkened ceiling, and your slow peaceful sleep pervades my being that I wish for invincibility. To be able to weather whatever life offers, to stay the time, slow it down somewhat, so I could be there to see you take each tiny step toward becoming the best that you can be.

It is during nights like this that I wish for a draught from the fountain of wisdom to be able to answer the million questions that you have about life, about the way we are.

It is during nights like this that I wish for immortality, to watch you embrace life, to help you reach your dreams, and to share the glee of your ever-expanding world.

Sleep tight, little one. I will be here when you wake, and together, we will greet the sun and the world a good morning.

Get Away From The Manger

Ebenezer Scrooze may have spawned a daughter. Or I am channeling the Grinch again.

How many years has it been already when I really felt the Yuletide spirit take possession of my jaded soul and melt my frozen heart and warmed its cockles that the heat would spread to the tips of my toes and create a crimson flush across my cheeks? Three? Seven? Who would remember?

I used to make Christmas decorations in mid-September, be the one to insist on putting Japanese lanterns up by October, and be the first to sing Christmas carols while people still honored their dead.

Maybe that early frenzy robbed me of the novel feel for the holiday season as the years progressed.


~Double sigh.~

I did buy some tinsels and shiny balls and glittered flowers yesterday. But when I got home and emptied the bags on the kitchen Continue reading

WordPress Surprise

So… I had been shuttling between my tropical jungle home and the cave near The Shoe Factory. So… I had no time to call my own as my tardiness eats up my workday and I am too tired to do anything else after a day spent as an elf hammering tiny nails to create shoes for the masses… So, yeah, you are wondering when she will actually self-destruct or hand in a white envelop to those higher ups in the place she calls a dreary dungeon.

But hey, just goes to show that it’s been so long since I’ve last visited the cafe or I’ve noticed it immediately… The image below shows the new “write post” dashboard courtesy of the forever lovable tinkerers at WordPress.
I like it, you guys!

Cafe's New Dashboard