The Commonality of Life

Aaaaand…. she’s back!


That’s just me dragging out my own welcome wagon.

Did anybody miss me at all? I was gone for a spell — visiting kith and kin [but more of the kin variety] in sunny Cagayan de Oro, part of Northern Mindanao that is the biggest island of this floating landmass called Pilipinas. That short vacation was what I needed for the final stage of my decompression mode.

My family has a cottage in one of the hills that are part of the mountain ranges near the city airport, past the Macahambus Cave and canopy walk. The place where my family’s cottage is comfortably ensconced is quite a secluded area, which was formerly home to some ex-members of the New People’s Army group. Ideal place for relaxation. Desolate. Forbidding. Empty dirt roads. Wide expanse of sky and rolling hills. Hooting owls at night and screaming hawks during the day.

I spent most days lolling on a hammock, looking around and marveling at the wild beauty of Nature while the muffled sound of continual hammering [my mother decided to renovate the ramshackle cottage while we were there] provided the musical background to my floating thoughts.

So, I am now [more or less] on steady footing again. Going with the flow as the events unfold each new day. I may be in Manila by the end of the month. But… I am not sure yet. I still have not found the definite answer to my questions and what-ifs. I may try the coin toss that Mr. Xavier has so enthusiastically recommended pretty soon.

I’m now hacking away in Valencia’s cozy Internet cafe. Catching up on news and other mundane stuff. More mundane is the trip to the market later on, where I will be buying some provisions for my tropical jungle home. Ah, domesticity. I can’t disengage totally.

I miss people.



  1. Hey gurl! So that is why I had not seen new posts in your blog 🙂 I am totally green with envy – peace and quiet, wow! Your vacation seemed really relaxing that I’m crossing my fingers so that I could also enjoy one in the next few months (dream on LOL). The cave looks really nice {sigh}. Life.

  2. To the Job Hater: Yep, the vacation was really nice. It gave me time to de-stress. Wishing you a wonderful day. 🙂

    To Lurchie: Aymishu 2.

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