Farewell to the Kaleidoscope

Death made a visit again…

This time, the loss was most felt by the Philippine Music Industry.

Francis Durango Magalona passed away yesterday at age 44. Big loss.

He was known by several names over the years: The Man from Manila, Kiko, the Master Rapper [a title bestowed to him by Philippine media], The Mouth, and Francis M to name a few of the handles.

The morning of yesterday, I was humming his song “Mga Kababayan” and was wondering vaguely if he’s still active in the music scene. It took a few hours for the news to travel, and by early evening, Ta and I watched the news of his death unfold through the local tv channel.

Who’d have thought that such creative mind, such fiery spirit would be felled by leukemia? But then again, Death has an unconventional way of calling — never really anything that we expected.

Francis M left was survived by wife Pia and eight children… I remembered an interview he did once for a local tv station when it was revealed that his wife was pregnant with their seventh child. He faced the camera, gave an impish smile, and bellowed out a spinoff line from a song he did for a softdrink commercial: “Pito ang gusto ko!” [seven is what I want]

To quote one of his co-hosts of a local noontime show,

“The hole that Francis left will never be filled. [Pia G]”

For those who grew up with the songs of Francis M, those touched by his intensity about being OK to be Pinoy, today is a sad, sad day.

Goodbye, Kiko. We will miss you.

One of Kiko's photos during chemo [courtesy of his blog, A Free Mind (francismagalona.multiply.com)]

One of Kiko's photos during chemo -- courtesy of his blog, A Free Mind (francismagalona.multiply.com)


One comment

  1. we will defenitely miss the man from manila who made a big impact not only to the music industry but to the very core of our hearts as filipinos, man i may not be that of a hardcore listener but i sure know that our man francis is smiling up in there, we will miss you for sure kiko!

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