Bored and Tried so Hard to be Crafty

I don’t have the patience of a saint. But, considering the turn of events since last February, I do have lots of spare time in my hands. Which got me to thinking that maybe I’d do something useful for a change. So, a few days ago, after a marathon re-reading of several Robert Ludlum pulp, I wandered around the house for things to tinker with. There were several options:

  1. Beads and wire for accessories
  2. paraffin and wick and essential oils for candle making
  3. pen and paper for sketches
  4. pet dogs to pester
  5. fish in the pond waiting for feeding time
  6. scraps of cloth for a bored somebody with lots of time in her hand

The choice was pretty obvious, wasn’t it?

With the scraps of cloth I found stashed inside my mother’s closet, I decided to try my hand at making doll clothes. Honestly, my sewing skills are less than stellar but I do manage to execute the necessary darning when the occasion called for it.

Okay, this isn’t about me having a case of second childhood syndrome. But sew I did. I cut, assembled, measured, and counted stitches. I made an entire outfit, with a doll’s bag to go with it, for one of Faith’s abandoned toys (she had it for Christmas and, soon after, got tired of playing solely with it. It was lying among the other abandoned-for-the-meantime toys underneath the stairs to the bedroom).

Here’s what I managed to do for the orphan dolly:

effort close up of bag


  1. LOL awww.. how cute the dolly. πŸ˜€

    last time i stitched something for my Barbie (wherever she is, may she rest in peace) was when i was in elementary. i dont know if i still know how to do that.. i cannot even see clearly enough to put thread through the hole.. meh.

  2. Joy: Thank you. But I’ll pass on the shop… I don’t have much business sense.

    Lurch: Eh… maybe, when we grow wrinkled and gray, we could hang around one weekend and do arts and crafts while reminiscing about the past.

    Shen: Yeap, I was really, really bored that day.

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