Ride on in Peace, Philip Molina

In life, we all take risks.

That part-time sage Tata told me once when I expressed worries about his penchant for downhill and motocross and anything else that has two wheels and could go really, really fast.

Nobody should live in a bubble, I guess. And merely living on Earth, a small sphere floating in space, where meteorites and asteroids and space junk float on collision course at warp speeds, is itself a risk. We could perish anytime. It is a fact that we should all be ready to accept.

Still, underneath the stratosphere, in terra firma, I worry each time Ta runs — at speeds that could top 80 kilometers per hour — down a dirt track with 30-meter drops and berms that could potentially end with the untrained or unlucky hugging a tree or crashing against boulders the size of houses.

The reality that downhill mountain biking could be fatal was brought on home again last night. I watched the news and there, a wife and a mother, Miss Cathy Garcia-Molina (a Filipino movie director), expressed her pain of losing a husband and a friend. Philip Molina died in a biking accident.* It was a downhill biking accident.

Philip (Epoy to some) was known by several of our downhill biker friends. They were with him last time in Baguio. These friends could only express their pain of losing a friend by wishing him to ride on in peace.

My condolences go to Miss Garcia-Molina’s family.

[*Update from other downhill riders who were present that day: Epoy fell from a dirt ramp about three feet high. He broke his right leg bone, which cut his main artery. He died from blood loss.]



  1. epoy will always be remembered… we were there in baguio..we saw him..i saw him.. it was so painful.. he is, and will always be my son’s friend and my husband’s downhill comrade…

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