Oh Well… Might as Well…

Who’d have thought that there’d be an empathic public demand from the lone reader of this blog?

Due to this single person’s gnashing of teeth and clanging of chains, here I am, writing stuff again.

Ok, Lurch. I guess soul searching does not mean that I have to shut out everything. I now believe in miracles, as even this country’s president ordered the bumbling customs officials to stop the imposition of taxes on books.

I’ll keep the cafe open.

For everybody else who saw the closed sign for more than a couple of weeks and has now found this spot in the great www open again, I am sorry that you had to put up with my ambivalence and the emo mode of my last post. I sincerely wish that I could do damage control by serving coffee in a more tangible setting. But since I couldn’t, I’d offer up what I write here for your regular dose of fiber.

The Broken Coffee Cafe will stay open from now on, 24/7, just like any BPO company mushrooming all over this archipelago.

And you know what, dear lone reader of the nonsensical stuff I place here? Girl, I’ve got stories to tell.



  1. YAY! YIPEE! and YAY again!

    I know you have lotsa lotsa things to write about.. stories to tell. the whole world to see.. do blog about them.

    oh and i am NOT the lone reader y’know.

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