Fourth Leg, Fox Philippines Downhill MTB Series

UPDATE (06-22-09): Fifth leg will be held in the Grotto Track in San Mateo, Rizal.

Safe ride, everyone!

More Downhill Updates.

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The 4th leg of the Fox Philippines Downhill MTB Tour was over and done for with last May 31st, Sunday, with riders from Dumaguete dominating most of the categories.

The downhill riders has to negotiate a nasty rocky terrain that, during the seeding on May 30th, turned into a whitewater course because of the floodwater that careened down the Taytay/Angono mountainside the entire day of Saturday.

And… I guess I still have my bragging rights, don’t I? Because Tata took home the leading jersey this time (doin’ the chicken dance). He got elevated to first place of the beginner’s category, leading the pack by 420 points.

The fifth leg is near the end of this month, June 26 and 27, probably in the Grotto or Patiis track in Montalban, Rizal. More mountains.

Honestly, it was the first time I watched Tata make his run during a competition. And as with any other runs he made before, watching him still made my nerves develop their own anxiety attacks.

But after the runs and during the awarding, the wave of relief washed over me. There was so much horseplay among the riders and the organizers; jokes, good-natured jeers and catcalls, wrestling people to the ground to smear their faces with markers.

It’s easy to forget that most of those men willed their minds and bodies to go down a mountain slope littered with sharp scree, brittle boulders, hidden holes, and waist-high weeds while on board a flimsy alloy contraption on two wheels barreling down on high speed just for the heck of it.

It was a happy day.

The event also was a reunion of sorts because I got to meet my friends from Dumaguete — the insane Barbas (Jay-R, Wangyo, and Joey), Scott Remi, and, of course Tata.

Another cause for celebration was the unexpected  happening involving Jay-R Barba. He made it to the front cover of the first issue of Weekend Warrior. We all conceded that he has temporary diva rights because of his claim to fame of having nearly beaten (with one-second time difference) an international pro downhill rider, Brian Lopes, in the last Terry Larazzabal Bike Festival in Subic.

Ta’s long-time estranged sister (along with Ta’s brother-in-law and nephew) even showed up to watch what that downhill thing was all about. They initially didn’t have an idea that it was a race done at the face of a mountain, under the heat of the sun (the race organizers scheduled the runs to begin at 12 noon).

Ta’s sister and her family weren’t disappointed with the turn of events, and in fact excitedly planned what to bring to the next leg. They even asked for Ta’s autograph!

Till the next leg, then. For the latest race results, click here.


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