Month: July 2009

First Ever Poll of the Deranged Palmist

Dear Interested Observer,

Before you proceed, I should warn you that there is a spoiler here for the Harry Potter series. Turn back if you don’t wanna know what happens to Harry and somebody else in the next movie. Continue reading


Thor on a Thursday

Thunders rend the morning quiet, an obeisance to the deity for which this day, Thursday, was named.

I pad about the darkened kitchen, groping for coffee things.

Here is a mug. Here is a teaspoon. Here are the creamer, the sugar, and the grounds.

I shamble to the thermos and fill the mug for my morning brew.

I hear droplets of rain tapping on the glass windows, begging shelter from the cold.

Outside, Thor continues to ride across the leaden sky.

Steam warms my chilled cheeks and thaws my frosty paws as I take a sip of my pre-daylight elixir, drinking a toast to the god of thunder who chose to be afoot at this enchanted hour.

Introducing: The Volvo XC60 (A Rare Automotive Review in the Broken Coffee Cafe)

I’ve fallen in love again. But this love is forbidden. I know it will end in heartache and tears.

I’ve fallen for one who is far above my station. So unreachable. So desired by many others. My new love is from Sweden, from a family known for its strength, power, and dependability. Their family cherishes the value of quality and makes those who are entrusted in their care feel safe and secure. But there can never be an “us”.

I will just always be on the sidelines, watching the love of my life pass by. Continue reading

Chlorophyll in My System

Today, I am considering becoming a semi-vegetarian. Seriously.

Flashback mode for a moment.

After several weeks of gorging myself with fried chicken legs, roasted chicken, DQ Blizzard, pork chops slathered with gravy, ground pork in tomato sauce, chicken afritada, beef teriyaki, braised beef, beef in a pot, instant noodles, sunny side up eggs, pan-fried tilapia, and the ever-present soda, I found that I was more fatigued even after more than eight hours of sleep.

Lethargic is the word. Continue reading

Visit of the Lauds

"Bringer of the Dawn" by Rassouli

"Bringer of the Dawn" by Rassouli

And then the girl/woman opened one eye, pupil dilated by the dream she just had of paradise, of powerful rivers, of bluest skies.

She opened her other eye and drank in the sight of the scene before her.

It wasn’t a dream after all.

She was still in that paradise. Nearby, the river roared and boiled. Above her, the sky slowly, enticingly turned from rose to turquoise.

It was a happy place.

Full of power.

Full of the divine.

The girl/woman rose from where she lay. Arms outstretched, she uttered thanks for the dawning.

photo courtesy of Liebestraum