Introducing: The Volvo XC60 (A Rare Automotive Review in the Broken Coffee Cafe)

I’ve fallen in love again. But this love is forbidden. I know it will end in heartache and tears.

I’ve fallen for one who is far above my station. So unreachable. So desired by many others. My new love is from Sweden, from a family known for its strength, power, and dependability. Their family cherishes the value of quality and makes those who are entrusted in their care feel safe and secure. But there can never be an “us”.

I will just always be on the sidelines, watching the love of my life pass by.



This is one of those days that I wish I’d stumble upon an old tarnished lamp that has a genie inside, who will grant me my three wishes.

My first wish would most definitely to be cradled by the one I’ve fallen in love with.

Or to be whisked off to Sweden, perhaps, just to be close to the reason my heart beats so fast right now.

postcard from sweden


If that won’t happen, I’d just wish for money to come my way to buy the one I love.

At a price range quoted to be between $33,000 and $37,000 in US auto markets, the newly unveiled 2010 Volvo XC60 would probably seem affordable to some (to some, meaning excluding a struggling deranged cafe proprietor such as moi).

Ah, one of the disadvantages of embracing poverty is that I could only ogle at the object of my materialistic desire.

But enough of me wallowing in self-pity.

There are so many reasons to love the XC60. If I were to have my own first automobile, this will be it.

My pupils dilate as I imagine the places I could roam with this newest addition to the XC series (although I could only wish that by the time I am able to afford an XC60, the fuel crisis would have already been resolved).

Volvo, even though my family does not own one, has been the vehicle of choice of my mother ever since she came back from her work-related sojourns in Europe. And this was way back when Volvo models still had the appearance of boxes on wheels.

For my mother (and me, as well), Volvo stood for durability, dependability, safety, and understated power. For me, however, the understatement was a bit irritating because, I think, if only the automotive market were a beauty pageant and if only Volvo auto designers have considered designing their cars in a manner that these machines would not be mistaken for rolling chest freezers, then Volvo could have garnered top scores in the market’s “beauty” and “brains” department a long time ago and won the contest — hands down, no questions asked.

Still, there is hope on the horizon because the latest models rolling out of Volvo’s assembly lines — the S, V, XC, and C series — are nearly approaching the eye candy variety (pardon to those who see their car as something that has masculine attributes). Moreover, Volvo has never stopped improving on each model’s performance and safety features.

And now… to the main event.

Presenting, the 2010 Volvo XC60.

xc60 in red

Did I mention that there are so many things to love about the XC60? Yes, indeedy! There are so many things to love about the XC60.

The first is the quality of the ride. James Deakin (contributor to the Philippine star), a person lucky enough to have recently test-driven an XC60 through the coastlines of Western Australia, described it as an exceptional ride. Even though I haven’t been aboard an XC60, I could imagine what Mr. Deakin was trying to say. That’s what a luxury car like the XC60 is designed to do — allow the passengers and the driver to experience a sense of being cradled in the safest, most luxurious vehicle each time they get on the XC60.

Mr. Deakin also mentioned that XC60’s handling allowed him to negotiate tight corners and sweeping curves with no difficulty. If I have an XC60, I would surely not just drive it around the cities. I would make it a point to include some terrain explorations in the provinces.

The XC60’s exterior comes with the works: front fog lamps; matte silk metal finish applied to grille; five-spoke, eighteen-inch standard wheels (option of changing to 20-inch rollers); chrome tail pipes and rear skid plate; and door mirror housing.

The interior seating comes with the standard luxury that Volvo auto models are known for. Ahh. Comfort.

The XC60 comes with a “City Safety” feature.

Based on the results of research conducted by Volvo, most rear-end collisions occur when the the car is going below 30 kilometers per hour. This is the working principle behind the City Safety feature. In the XC60, if the vehicle is running below 30 kmh,  its  computer system prepares the car to brake or to even automatically stop when the system detects the possibility of a collision.

Lucky James Deakin was able to personally test this out, and the safety feature performed as expected — making the car come to a complete halt before a collision could happen.


There you go.

Would anybody care to lend me $37,000.00? I could pay it off in monthly installments for the next 50 years.

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