Book On My Bedside Table: Necronomicon

And now, on to something more related to the hearth and the home.

Collection of Lovecraft's Weird Tales

I recently went on a trip to the mall with the good intention of buying a couple of rubber mats for our bathroom and came home with a commemorative edition of the works of H. P. Lovecraft, Necronomicon.

thick tome of horror

Before anyone disses me for being so shallow as to set aside a pressing need of the household (what would a bathroom be without rubber mats?) for impulsive decisions, I shall attempt to justify my purchase.

If horror were a religion, then H. P. Lovecraft would be one of its primordial deities.


I guess that would be enough justification, aight?

I see that some of you still have raised eyebrows.

OK. I’ll try again.

Did I mention in any past post here at the Cafe that my favorite author of all time is Stephen King?

Mr. King’s works are very visceral — with memories, emotions, and fears and beliefs that we held during childhood as the major themes of his scary narratives. In case you, dear reader, are up for some chockful of horror literature in your spare time, try grabbing one of Stephen King’s works. Make sure that you keep all the lights on, though.

But we are off tangent again… It is Mr. Lovecraft’s work that made me veer from my vow of pursuing practicality.

Stephen King credits Mr. Lovecraft’s works as his major influence for writing his own horror stories.

Let’s just say I cannot pass up the chance to read stuff written by the author acknowledged by my favorite author to be his major influence.

I’ll make sure all the lights are on for the next few nights.



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