Message from the Raindrops

Truth be told, I miss copyediting.


The daily wrangling with subject/verb disagreements; differing opinions between colleagues of what exactly an article’s author was trying to say; the pressures of the end-of-shift deadlines; the constant battle that pitched all my stock arsenal and all the know-how that I had culled from experience about vocabulary, syntax, and coherence against tenacious composition errors and booby-trapped manuscripts; the most mind-boggling ideas put forth by authors of different temperaments and personal leanings… I miss everything.

This realization was brought to the fore by the morning rains.

I wonder how the elves are doing at the old Shoe Factory.



    1. Hi, Master Joh.

      Yeah… I was expecting the quizzical rise of eyebrows because of this post. Still, I love words and learning new stuff everyday… those were the highlights of working in the old Shoe Factory.

  1. uhh.. honestly, I miss it as well..

    I miss the peeps, I miss learning new stuff daily, and I miss dressing up! LOL and I miss the rather non-IT reflections of life, and and and and.. stuff :((

    1. yeah, lurch… i forgot to mention dressing up. it gave me an excuse to look “polished” driving down from my tropical jungle home. 🙂

  2. hmm, although the only thing i REALLY hated during my time was the early shifts (everything else was peachy), i don’t miss copyediting at all. i’m ambivalent.

    i DO cherish the memories… because after everything is said an done, that’s all we can really bring with us.

    1. methinks, crazy koala, that your ambivalence is brought about by your self-diagnosed obsessive-compulsive disorder.

      give it time… i am 98% certain that you’ll wake up one morning and miss copyediting too.

  3. given that there should be 18,000 plus days ahead of me (based on average lifespan, though i hope i’ll live forever), chance is definitely on your side with that prediction.

    curiously, being a copyed has helped me in terms of easing OCD urges to copyedit my own papers before sending them off. now i’m at peace knowing that someone will have to deal with that misplaced punctuation.

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