First Ever Poll of the Deranged Palmist

Dear Interested Observer,

Before you proceed, I should warn you that there is a spoiler here for the Harry Potter series. Turn back if you don’t wanna know what happens to Harry and somebody else in the next movie.

Still here? Ok. Fine by me.

You would never believe what a week I am currently having. It’s like one whole wild slalom ride. But I apologize because I can’t give you the details of what’s been happening… yet.

I’ll save them for later — when I already have the energy (and time) to post a blow-by-blow (and mostly exaggerated) account of this insane week.

Yet, here is something that I could share with you, Interested Observer. The Broken Coffee Cafe has been getting a heavier than usual amount of traffic these past few days, and statistics from WordPress reveals that the reason for the sudden surge of cafe patrons is not because I have become notorious for something or that I had posted a video scandal of myself plus an unnamed partner (ewww!) but it’s still close to that.

Remember the Equus controversy of two years ago, where dear Daniel Radcliffe starred in all his naked glory? If you had been an “avid” reader of the insanity logs of this cafe , dearest Interested Observer, you’d know that I have, in the archives, a picture of Mr. Radcliffe in full frontal pose with a white horse and nothing else (but with a handy little black square for proprietary purposes, of course).

And with Harry Potter 6: HP and the Half-Blood Prince showing in theaters all over the world this week, I could only guess what some of the moviegoers are thinking what Ginny Weasley will have in the coming days to produce little James Sirius, Lily Luna, and Albus Severus  (opps! there goes the spoiler).

You wanna know why I am rambling about horses and nudity? Well, it seems like the Broken Coffee Cafe has attracted patrons ordering particular things from the old menu.

The following list contains the searches that people entered in search engines to reach the Cafe. These results are courtesy of the ever useful WordPress tool that WP bloggers can usually find in the right portion of their blog’s dashboard.

Presenting, the keywords that people use to get to the cafe (in order of appearance in the cafe dashboard):

  • daniel radcliffe no clothes
  • eighteen boy naked
  • broken coffee cafe
  • hydrangea water color
  • harry potter naked

Should I be agitated? Or should I glorify the all-too human nature of, well, humans?

I can totally appreciate the innocence of the hydrangea water color and those who searched for the cafe’s full name.

As for the other search keywords, my mind is churning up ideas, such as devoting a particular day of the week for raunchy posts or posting up more nude pics of famous people.

So… If you have time and actually care enough to waste more of it, you may scroll back to the top and choose one from the three choices of what topics you’d prefer to read on the pages of the cafe during Tuesdays.

I’m putting my money in for cooking.

Your anonymity is guaranteed. Your choice will not, in any way, reflect your views and outlook about life.

The Cafe reserves the right to show the results to the rest of the world.

Thank you very much, and have a wonderful day.


  1. i chose self-help. 😛

    maybe I should fix the topic chuva of my blog as well… thanks for the idea!!



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