Month: October 2009


As my years have stacked up, I’ve been having several health complaints, one of these is my borderline sugar level. My doctor advised me against indulging in too much sweets. I could manage without the candies, the brownies, the bonbons, the donuts, the cakes. But… but what is life without ice cream?

Somehow, a part of me rebelled. Nobody takes ice cream away from me.

Here’s how I got around the good doc’s injunction.

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Runningboarding on a Safeway Bus

Today is a total deviation from the hectic schedule of work because I spent the entire day running errands for the household instead.

And there, I slipped. I mentioned work, didn’t I?

I’m — again — doing the workaday grind five days a week,  part of the labor pool, one of the bazillion commuters standing on the train station platform, drenched in sweat while waiting for the boxcar to carry me to my destination.

If the station is so crammed with commuters that one cannot drop a pin in the middle of the throng, I skip the  overpopulated cattlecars and ride the bus.

A bus ride in the metro is actually an exotic activity in itself — a unique flavor that the Department of Tourism should not miss in exploiting as another sport that tourists must experience firsthand while vacationing in this here tropical paradise of ours. CamSur has its wakeboarding; let Metro Manila have its runningboarding on a Safeway Transit line.

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