Month: January 2010

Waxing Brag

Then the time to break the silence was upon her so she screamed.


In the mundane side of life, there are stuff called bills and vacations. I invite you to free-associate about how the two could come together to make things interesting for someone who spends 80% of her waking hours mooning over the perfect recipe for macaroni salad.

Oh, where are my manners?

Hello, dear friends and familiar strangers! It’s been a while since I’ve set my foot in this here Broken Coffee Cafe. I do apologize for the dust on the furniture. I just got in after months of riding on a runaway, souped up roller coaster. Here, let me get a dishtowel and wipe down this bar stool. Come on closer and let’s chat awhile.

How has it been?

Stupendous? So-so? Middling? Huhum? Great?

As for me, I am still groggy from my runaway ride. It would have been fun Continue reading