Of Neighbors, Surprises, And Breads

So here I am. Sipping my morning instant java and trying very hard to empty my mind of agitating thoughts that I am very prone to having as of late.

Outside, someone called my name. It’s one of my neighbors.

This neighbor of mine is a rare gem. Always thoughtful and generous — presents during holidays and little unexpected somethings every once in a while.

This morning, she stood outside my fence, a shy smile on her face and a big white bowl cradled in her arms.

“I’ve brought you breakfast,” she said. I drew nearer.

She emptied the contents of the white bowl on my arms. A big hunk of homemade bread and a jar each of orange marmalade, cheese spread, and jam.

Manna from heaven. Totally unexpected.

My neighbor left with a wave and a smile after I gushed my thanks.

When I sampled the bread, it was moist and savory. It brought to mind the breads Jillian used to make.

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