This is exactly how old I am

Sorry, can’t resist.

Been soaking in Facebook for half the day already, with the blind determination that I’m going to come across something useful eventually. I have already given up on harvesting virtual berries and milking pink cows. The withdrawal symptoms when I kicked the Farmville habit were excruciating. This time I’ve freed up a little over an hour to afford me the opportunity to explore a plethora of quizzes and feel-good psychoanalysis that the FB social networking site is much loved for.

Ten hours later yielded the result I got from a nifty app. Some may be averse to telling their exact age, but I find some comfort in knowing I’ve been here for a while.

As of writing, I’ve been living for 29 years, 2 months, and 72  days.

Converted to other measures of time:

My age in months – 350 months
My age in weeks – 1532 weeks
My age in days – 10728 days
My age in hours – 257472 hours
My age in minutes – 15448320 minutes
My age in seconds – 926899200 seconds
I’ve seen 8 leap years.

Not yet close to vintage, wouldn’t you say?

Now I’m on to another quiz that will determine which country I ought to have been born in.

Catch you later.


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