A Quick Gab With Your Friendly Cafe Proprietor

I meant to post a long-winded treatise about the correlation of masterpieces and the inebriated state. However, I’m cold sober so I can’t get the thing to sound right.

Anyway, just thought I’d share my musings and vibes. It seems that a lot of changes are coming along. Good changes. And I am excited about them. Will again have stories to tell in the coming days… those that actually feature some other assorted human characters and not only yowling members of the Feline genus.

I am still thwarted by more pressing concerns in my attempts at organizing, alphabetizing, and categorizing by weight and substance every post that I have in this blog. And I am happier for it. This quarter, I will try to ignore my obsessive-compulsive tendencies and really just go with whatever’s blowing and flowing and rolling. And, no, I am not on an acid trip because I sound so optimistic to some of the regulars who probably are used to the generally misery-loves-company writing in the Broken Coffee Cafe.

Can’t say much for now… I’m still trying to decipher the message left by the universe on tea leaves and bird droppings.

So, cheerio and all that mush… Come by again soon. Drinks’ll probably be on the house this weekend.


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