a day of missing

Skies the color of iron cast a shadow on the world today. There is a storm, after all. It has already ravaged the northern part of the country, leaving cities and towns in a state of devastation and without power for more than forty-eight hours.

I am in a somewhat more snug and dry location; the typhoon didn’t fully grace the southernmost reaches of this archipelago. Yet that gloom… It makes for a dreary time. I hear the ancient crypts shrieking open. Ghosts – past, present, and future – would have their reunion with the living today.

So it is no wonder that I’ve been missing the company of many people who made my life awesome in one way or another. There’s my first-grade classmate Noah. He is the only the perfect gentleman I know. He braved walking me across an eight-lane highway, lugging my schoolbag along with his own bulging knapsack, so he could see me home safe. Nobody did anything like that for me ever again.

Then there’s Pepper. I miss her tales, her woes, her news, her joys, her views, her photographs. It was odd that early this afternoon she told me through chat that she missed me, too.

There’s my dearly departed pitbull, Shonnen Boop. She was so hungry for people’s attention that she could have been kidnapped (or dognapped, if we are after the most politically correct term) right out of our own yard. She was that friendly to humans. She was Faith’s bed companion when Faith was still a year old.

Then there’s Faith. The little girl turned six last April. I wasn’t there to wish her a happy birthday. She insisted that she will spend next summer here in this new city with me. I miss her so bad that it would be wonderful if wings will sprout from my shoulders and using the momentum from the storm, i will fly my way to my tropical jungle home.

Then there’s Gambit. I miss that Cajun. I miss the smell of new comic books because I miss Gambit. And I miss Peanut, too, because I miss Gambit.

Perhaps this is a day of missing. Ta has been here for over a week now. No downhill biking treks with his friends. He is doing landscape work, and just a few minutes ago, he sat next to me and chuckled. “It’s weird. I miss Scott,” he told me. Scott is one of our friends and his closest downhill buddy.

Definitely a day of missing.

And I’m blaming the weather.


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