And Now For Some Updates

Well, here I am again. My visits have become sporadic and I apologize for those who were trying to get more Broken Coffee in the past, erm, months. Life is suddenly so effing busy(!!!) But in a good way.

So, here’s just a quick rundown on the things I’m doing right now. I ripped this off Lurchie’s blog because I am running out of fresh ideas and fresh coffee grounds. Rambling on. Can’t talk much. Although I can tell you that I am in a government-sponsored seminar on how to make the perfect foam for cappuccino. All hush-hush trade secret.

The following is supposed to be done on a Sunday, as per tradition, but I’m adapting this for today:

A hefty manual on government standards and certification guidelines for the seminar I’m currently attending. It’s already the stuff of my nightmares for several nights now.

This…. as a way to decompress and detach myself from the gargantuan manual mentioned above.

Chatter of people discussing the fine points of Article 3, Section 4.3.a of the monstrous manual. Clacks of laptop keys.

I must get a pedicure soon…

The aroma of recycled stagnant air blowing out from a cranky airconditioner; the overpowering cologne of a man seated three chairs away (it stabs my nose!)

For a two-week leave from work

To digest all information in the manual I am reading so I can pass the assessment waiting at the end of this seminar. (Tell me, do they give out candies after we pass?)

A black blouse, black leggings, gladiator sandals, and lipstick.

the internet connection that allows me to access my blog from over here!

A pound of extra dark chocolate I can sink my teeth in.

A time off

Cold and woozy

Thanks for the inspiration, Lurch. 🙂 Hope to see you soon.

UPDATE: (6-8-2015)

The assessment ran for three days straight with written exams and skills demonstration.

In case you’re wondering, I did pass the Assessment! I am now a certified hush-hush cappuccino foam maker!!! Hooray for me.


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