critters at home

While on the subject of critters at home, i’m posting a photo of Wol the dog and one of our cats, Rommel. They’re best friends.

Rommel hates paparazzi, while Wol can't decide what her best angle is



Even if I am more of a cat person, I can’t help but be happy for the five new puppies my dog, Whoosh, gave birth to last Friday. [There were initially six pups but the runt of the litter didn’t make it].

The pups’ father is Mythos, our Dalmatian X Rhodesian Ridgeback alpha male. 2 of the pups looked just like him. The rest of the puppies looked like their ma, with dark spottings on the ears and around the eyes.

Been up early just looking at the puppies. Funny they already have disctinct personalities a just few days into life. I’ve picked out two as my initial favorites. One, which I chose to name Shadow, is so feisty, and seemed to be the first at the most strategic teat. The other one, with a black patch around an eye and dark fur on the ears reminds me of some pirate. So there’s no question that I have a “Captain Jack” in the litter. The other three I’d just name three grumpy bears as of now. Once they get hold of a teat each, they’d be loathe to move, issuing small squeals when their mother shift positions in their bed.

Picture courtesy of 1976 design.