The Grapes Have Gone Sour

Super JJ will tell me that I am sourgraping.

It all started when The Shoe Factory announced that there will be a contest for the best decorated work area on the factory floor. Some Unimaginative Shoemaker assigned a few elves (including myself) to be the ones who’d take care of preparations. However, at the last minute, other Unimaginative Shoemakers decided that I should not be included in the preparations because I was part of a group of elves who had the most workload for the month. Still, I had already given my word to those elves tapped for the Halloween decorations contest and I was with them when I was off duty.

The Halloween Committee established fort at Daphy’s house, a real strategic headquarters, because it is quite near The Shoe Factory and a gustatory haven to boot; there were snacks every two hours. Our calorie count rose as the day of the contest neared.

Our work in the understaffed “Halloween Committee” involved the following: Continue reading


Orangey pumpkins and black cats

‘Tis Hallowe’en. I had a pumpkin shirt on and I’m off to work, driving through the cold grey dawn. Near the Cathedral I decided to make a turn and I met my friend Hyacinth, also on her way to work. She was a bit dismayed when I greeted her “Happy Hallowe’en” because she was wearing a white t-shirt and felt she wouldn’t be doing the occasion any justice because of her outfit.

We drove down and the Sun burst through the clouds, touching everything with a golden glow. Hyacinth sang a pop tune, with me humming along, and by the time we stopped for gas, we had sung the song’s chorus for the nth time.

Despite the sunshine the morning air was chilly and damp, unlike yesterday’s. But this morning, Nature seemed to beckon to her display and each flower blooming by the roadside and the trees standing tall in the fields had a sharp clarity about them that made me take notice. A sense of expectancy has been welling inside me since I woke up a few hours ago. And as past experience has taught me, this feeling signals something good to come. Mmmmm.

Oh, it’s New Year today. But unlike in the past years, I wouldn’t be making any resolutions yet. I haven’t even started doing what I had resolved to do in the past year.

I’ll offer my prayer of abundant blessings for all those who need it and the loving embrace of the Goddess for all who are lonely and weary. May those who have gone before whisper their wisdom to those who need guidance in their paths. And may the Gods bless all the works done by the hands of those who work with the soil that their harvest may be more than enough to feed the hungry. This is my prayer for now.

Let this year be a good year.