short story

Speed Freak (Not a Chick Lit)

(Hmm. Stardate June 30, 2009: I am currently working on this story. I don’t know how this will end but this is the background about a girl named KC Rainer and her life as a motorcycle stunt rider. Oh well, enough of the staid and long-winded introduction Sit back, put your feet up, and enjoy. I’d appreciate any comment on this; solicitations not accepted, though.)


She was flying above the crowd of people who had gaping mouths and eyes glazed over with amazement.

From her airborne vantage point, she saw flashbulbs go off from numerous cameras all over the stadium.The air whistled past her. Her helmet muffled the roar of her Thor699 motorcycle. She felt the vibrations of the pistons working inside the powerful engine through her jumpsuit.

In a series of deft motions, she shifted her balance, pushed herself against the handlebars, and stretched her legs out behind her; at the same moment, she grabbed the seat of the Thor.

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